James (flaming_moltres) wrote,

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Jesssiiieee? Meeooowwwwthhhh? You guys can stop hiding from me now... please?

Look, I'm sorry about the thing I said about your Lickitung, Jess, that was totally in poor taste! But you can't avoid me forever! Can you?


FINE! I never liked you guys anyway! From now on, I'm going solo! I won't even let you guys participate in my perfect plan I plotted to pilfer that pesky Pikachu! It's a really ingenious plan, too! Even my horrible, sadistic, closed-minded, emotionally abusive parents would be impressed!


  1. Dig a hole! Hide with whatever flora seems least likely to bite or turn me into anything!

  2. Don a dainty dress dashing disguise!

  3. Cleverly lure the twerp into my brilliantly fabulous trap!

  4. Ditch the dress, perform a show-stopping solo motto!

  5. Attack the twerp with the camp psychic/flying types that I'll surely have stolen by then!

  6. Steal all of the camp director's disturbing-yet-powerful undead-type Pokemon!

  7. Graciously accept role as leader of Team Rocket when The Boss retires! World domination ensues!

  8. Be elected Miss CFUD Master of Time and Space!

  9. Find Jessie and Meowth, hug and cry, go back to being best friends 4evar! Gloat!

Yes! There's no way I can screw up a plan like that up!

Though, on second thought, maybe I should just ask the twerp where Jessie and Meowth went.
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